EUCI IRP Summit—Attend at a Discount

You are invited to attend the EUCI Conference Integrated Resource & Supply Planning (IRP) Summit on March 27–28, 2016 in Denver at a discounted rate. As a sponsor of the conference, I can offer you a 10% discount off the conference fee. Just click here to register; select Registration, follow the instructions, and enter IRPSL in the Apply Code field on the Payment screen.

The conference endeavors to expand your expertise in resource planning by exposing you to recent changes and emerging best practices. Presenters are experts in this field, so they fully understand the daily challenges faced. Sessions include presentations of methodologies as well as case studies designed to demonstrate best practices. The conference brochure gives an overview of the conference, its learning outcomes, and an agenda of sessions.

My session focuses on the recently filed resource plans of the Hawaiian Electric Companies (four in the last five years), my integral role in communicating those plans, the complicated regulatory process underlying those plans, and the diverse audience avidly interested in their development and findings. All in all, it’s an eye-opening and enlightening experience, one with many lessons to be learned.

More On Audience

It used to be that only industry professionals and regulatory experts were interested in what you said and wrote. Those days are gone. With the proliferation of renewable generation, especially rooftop solar, more and more people—we’re talking small business owners and homeowners—are paying attention. As a result, your communication must increasingly cater to their knowledge level.

When you speak to a crowd, present to a group, or write for readers, there is one overriding factor to consider that is all too often overlooked. When you attempt to communicate—let me be blunt—it’s not about you. Your speech, your presentation, your writing must address one thing, and one thing only.

Your audience.

In the past couple of years, I’ve written two position papers about audience, both with respect to giving presentations: It’s All About Your Audience and Identifying Your Three Presentation Audiences. Both contain nuggets that can be extracted in the wider sense of identifying and connecting with your audience.

My IRP Summit presentation aims to address this issue, and to present strategies for communicating simply and clearly with your expanding audience.