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Integrated Resource Planning
The increasing penetration of renewable generation on power grids, especially from distributed energy resources (DERs), is causing a profound transformation in integrated resource planning (IRP). The scope of IRPs has expanded to incorporate integrated grid planning as well as many additional factors.

The influx of variable distributed resources, transmission and distribution upgrades, grid modernization, customer choice considerations, and stakeholder communication—together with heightened reliability and cost considerations—has essentially shifted resource planning to capacity planning.

For well over ten years, Solari has been fortunate to be at the forefront of this integrated planning transition. We bring this expertise and experience to your resource planning.

Download a summary of our integrated resource planning consulting services.

Plans, Reports, and Studies
Insightful plans, reports, and studies create opportunities and engender firm paths forward. For an energy industry in flux, seminal research can help ground future decisions. We cohesively employ primary and secondary research to shed light on the industry’s emerging transition. Such is the case with with the trends we are discovering in our report on the transformation in resource planning.

Bank on us to generate similar results for you.

Memorable Messaging
A foundational concept of effective communication centers on memorable “sticky” messaging. As with any journey, creating memorable messaging begins with the end in mind. An audience-centered perspective helps envision how external entities perceive your company and its situation. This method avoids a company-focused myopia, instead relying on external perceptions that can be adroitly addressed and turned into enlightened realities.

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