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Throughout our 20-plus years in business, we have been honored with many awards for our work. Here are some highlights.

Award of Excellence
Awarded to the Power Supply Improvement Plans (PSIPs) that we created for the Hawaiian Electric Companies (January 2015).

Award of Excellence
Awarded to the Smart Grid Roadmap & Business Case that we rewrote and redesigned for the Hawaiian Electric Companies (November 2014).

Award of Publication Excellence
Awarded to the Coating Machine User Guide that we created for Sung An Machinery of Ssangsong-Ri, Mado-Myeon, Korea (June 2014).

Awarded to the Solari Communication web site, www.solaricommunication.com, for its clarity, ease of navigation, photographs, and written content. (April 2009).

The Solari Position Papers received this Communicator Award for the design, photography, content, and writing of our position papers. (December 2008).

Awarded to Rich Maggiani by the Society for Technical Communication (STC) “for your exemplary contributions to the technical communication profession”. Less than 1% of members gain the stature of STC Fellow (June 2008).

Please see Rich’s curriculum vitae for a complete list of the awards we’ve received.

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