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We have a long history of working together with Daymark Energy Advisors (formerly known as La Capra Associates). Solari has assisted Daymark in the writing and editing of a number of proprietary energy reports. This work also included two Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) our two companies collaborated on.

To date, here are the projects we've completed for, and with, Daymark:

Communicating the Daymark Brand of Excellence

In 2015, Daymark contracted with Solari to present the principles and benefits of a unified branding and marketing effort, especially how it applies to client communication and Daymark’s energy-related analysis, research, and reports. We delivered a half-day session on branding and communication, engaging staff in a lively discussion.

Interated with the branding and communication effort, we then created an extensive (and proprietary) writing style guide. Daymark consultants and reseach staff will employ the guidelines presented in the style guide when writing reports and creating presentations to ensure unity, clarity, and comprehension.


Integrated Resource Plan: Green Mountain Power 2011

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2011 for Electricity

This 2011 IRP was produced under extremely tight deadlines, as GMP representatives were furiously (and concurrently) negotiating a PPA (power purchase agreement) for a new resource that would be an integral part in their generation resources over the next decade and more. This PPA represented one of the potential resources to fill the supply and demand gap identified in the 2007 IRP. As with the 2007 IRP, we created scenarios of future situations—Muddling Along, Economies of Efficiency, and Gas is Greener—as the basis for developing the resource plan.

The 2011 IRP assessed all generation resources available to the utility, and evaluated the inclusion of smart grid technology. This IRP incorporated more variable renewable energy into the generation mix, increasing the number of resources to integrate as the future unfolds. See our Green Mountain Power page for more details and to review the filed plan.


Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) Feasibility Study

Massachusetts Department of Energy

This study discussed the technical feasibility as well as the implementation feasibility for the new RPS requirements for Massachusetts. The study presented the various energy markets available, especially how renewable generators participate in the markets.

The study elaborated on capacity markets, day-ahead energy markets, and real-time energy markets, and how they affected the RPS requirements, together with the implications of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Core to the study was the implications of committed capacity renewable resources, and ultimately their feasibility.

Solari worked with experts in the outside consulting firm contracted to research and produce the report. Our role was to ensure the writing was clear, well organized, cogent, and understandable.


Comprehensive Plan for the Procurement of Energy Resources

Connecticut Energy Advisory Board

Working with planners and researchers from Daymark Energy Advisors, we wrote and edited a report for the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board.

The final report contained research and recommendations about energy procurement, demand-side management, renewable energy, transmission and distribution, and emission management.

The report concluded with action items and future planning recommendations so that Connecticut could continue to meet its Renewable Portfolio Standard as well as generate and deliver electricity reliably.


Integrated Resource Plan: Green Mountain Power 2007

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2007

This IRP was a break from previous Green Mountain Power resource plans. First, it began to set the foundation for integrating increasing amounts of renewable generation: hydroelectric, wind, and both utility-scale and rooftop solar photovoltaics. Second, because of the increasing uncertainly of the future generation mix, our resource planning team—GMP planners, a Daymark Energy Advisors senior analyst, and us—employed scenario planning to test various generation portfolios against potential future conditions.

As the planning team developed the content, Solari created an outline for the final resource plan that would present our findings thoroughly, clearly, and simply. We understood that this IRP would be read by a wider audience, including Legislators, small business owners, and homeowners. See our Green Mountain Power page for more details and review the filed plan.


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