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Rich Maggiani, an integrated resource planning consultant, is the principal and founder of Solari Communication.

His experience spans decades as a professional communicator in energy-related matters as well as in marketing. Thus, he is uniquely qualified to communicate, simply and clearly, in the energy industry. He understands current and trending issues in energy, and engages in intelligent discourse to communicate to a wide and varied audience. He seeks to attain that “next level” of communication—one that illuminates and engages people.

Clear communication, though, is more than expertise. Rich brings a broad perspective into focus. He is passionate about communication, and brings to bear dedication, patience, and perseverance.

Rich and his wife Abbie reside in our nation's capital, Washington DC, where they pine away for their three far-flung twenty-something children. All you need to know about Rich can be found in the broad spectrum of physical and mental challenges he pursues: canyoneering, mountaineering, and backpacking; playing hockey goalie; drumming; and woodworking.

Rich holds a Master in Business Administration degree. You can read more about his communication services, integrated resource planning services, and about the reports, plans, and IRPs he's written for the energy industry (or everything he's written). If you want a more indepth viewpoint, see his curriculum vitae and his LinkedIn profile.

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