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Our e-Newsletters discuss topics relevant to the electric energy sector and address communication issues that are meaningful to you. We know you are busy, so we keep them concise.

Our e-Newsletters are organized by volume, and open a new page:

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e-Newsletters, Volume 4

Number 26 Transforming the Creation of Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) /
Utility Business Model of the Future
Number 25 Strategic or Regulatory IRP /
The Ongoing Transformation in Integrated Resource Planning
Number 24 The Integrated Resource Planning Transformation study report: a primary research report written from extensive interviews with resource planners
Number 23 Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit / IRP Transformation Study and Report / Attend the IRP Summit at a Discount
Number 22 DERs Undermine the Utility Business Model / Presenting with Poise (part one) / Attend an Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit
Number 21 The Reality of Net Energy Metering / “Educating” Stakeholders


e-Newsletters, Volume 3

Number 20 All Renewable Energy Within 30 Years / Stakeholder Meetings: Start Fast
Number 19 A Statewide Approach to IRP / The High Cost of Poor Writing
Number 18 California Proposes to Elevate Integrated Resource Planning / Resource Planning Trends
Number 17 Communicating with Stakeholders / Challenging Communication Issues
Number 16 Integrated Resource & Supply Planning (IRP) Summit / More on Audience


e-Newsletters, Volume 2

Number 15 Know Your Audience / One Space After, Not Two
Number 14 The Skillful Presenter / Graphical Metaphors
Number 13 Communicate Clearly in Writing / Three New Clients, And…
Number 12 An Editor Improves Your Writing / Training And Some Fun
Number 11 Getting Your Writing to Count / Retaining Your Writer’s Voice
Number 10 The Nine Tasks of an Editor / Drowning in Social Media
Number 9 An Editor’s Place / Fitting In Social Media
Number 8 Where Are You Going with that Presentation? / Telling Stories
Number 7 Nine Engaging Ways to Open a Presentation / Could It Be the Docs?


e-Newsletters, Volume 1

Number 6 Open Your Presentation with Pizzazz / Better than Bullet-Points
Number 5 It's All About Your Audience / Write to Communicate Clearly
Number 4 Yes, I See That / Writing Technical Information
Number 3 How Does It Look / Is Training Always the Answer?
Number 2 Reading Is Dead / What Keeps You Up at Night?
Number 1 Training Must Transfer to the Job / My Kindle, For Better or Worse


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