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Our position papers delve into various communication topics with the goal of helping your company prosper. We select topics that, when properly applied, engender tangible benefits. We hope you benefit greatly from our position papers. [All position papers open a new page.]

The topics of our position papers fall into six general categories:

We publish a new position paper every few months or so. Subscribe to them.


  • Transitioning to the Utility of the Future (blog or pdf)
  • Regulatory or Strategic IRP: A Pivotal Choice (blog or pdf)
  • Net Energy Metering Launched the Distributed Energy (R)Evolution (blog or pdf)
  • The Hawaiian Plan: 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 (blog or pdf)
  • A Statewide Approach to Integrated Resource Planning (blog or pdf)
  • California: Working to Elevate Integrated Resource Planning (blog or pdf)
  • Net Energy Meeting: An Honest Story (blog or pdf)


  • Presenting

  • Identifying Your Three Presentation Audiences (blog or pdf)
  • 28 Qualities of a Skillful Presenter (blog or pdf)
  • Where Are You Going with that Presentation? (blog or pdf)
  • Nine Engaging Ways to Open a Presentation (blog or pdf)
  • Open Your Presentation with Pizzazz—Tell a Story (blog or pdf)
  • It’s All About Your Audience (blog or pdf)
  • Yes, I See That (blog or pdf)


  • Writing

  • Another Take on Editing: Three New Levels (blog or pdf)
  • Five Extraordinary Editing Tasks (blog or pdf)
  • The Five Levels of Editing (blog or pdf)
  • The Nine Tasks of an Editor (blog or pdf)
  • An Editor: Your First Reader and Collaborator (blog or pdf)
  • Writing 201: Analyzing the Writing Process (blog or pdf)
  • The Value of The Society for Technical Communication (blog or pdf)
  • The Increasing Importance of Technical Communication (blog or pdf)
  • The Inexorable Rise of the Technical Communicator (blog or pdf)


  • Communication

  • How Does It Look? (blog or pdf)
  • Reading Is Dead (blog or pdf)
  • Communication Sometimes Requires Persistence (blog or pdf)
  • The Costs of Poor Communication (blog or pdf)
  • The Nut as an Effective Marketing Tool (blog or (pdf)
  • The Ten Tenets of Effective Communication - part two (blog-3 or pdf)
  • The Ten Tenets of Effective Communication - part one (blog-1, blog-2, or pdf)
  • The Most Successful Companies Communicate Better (blog or pdf)
  • A Communication Plan Establishes a Foundation of Success (blog or pdf)
  • The Many Benefits of Effective Communication Plans (blog or pdf)
  • The Numerous Reasons for Needing a Communication Plan (blog or pdf)
  • Communication by the Numbers (blog or pdf)
  • Communication Assessment (blog or pdf)
  • Communication Audit (blog or pdf)


  • Listening

  • Why is Listening So Under-Appreciated? (blog or pdf)
  • The Many Benefits of Listening (blog or pdf)
  • Personality Traits of an Exceptional Listener (blog or pdf)
  • How to Be an Effective Listener (blog or pdf)
  • How to Truly Listen (blog or pdf)


  • Social Media

  • Effectively Managing Twitter (blog or pdf)
  • How Useful Is Your Twitter Stream? (blog or pdf)
  • Influence Your Community by Engaging Them (blog or pdf)
  • Embrace Social Media: Blogging and Tweeting (blog or pdf)
  • Cloud Computing Intersects with Social Media (blog or pdf)
  • The Generational Effect of Social Media (blog or pdf)
  • Social Media and Its Effect on Communication (blog or pdf)
  • Social Media Strategies (blog or pdf)
  • Social Media: Four Steps of Engagement (blog or pdf)


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